Welcome to LiveLines UK

We operate telephone and internet entertainment and support services. We strive to provide quality, reliable and technologically advanced services that benefit thousands of customers, from all over the world.

Our Aim

Our aim is simple, to create, develop and deploy outstanding entertainment and support services for customers looking for something that little bit different. We always aim to provide a service that stands out from the rest and most importantly provides value for money.

About Us

Once our services are live, we have a huge team that look after them 24/7. Our support team’s passion, creativity and compassion allow us to seamlessly operate services 24 hours a day. Our wonderful team are the ones working tirelessly in the background, ensuring that we offer resilient services to anyone who needs to connect with us.
In this technological age – the phone and the internet are connecting people like never before. Here at LiveLines UK, we realise this and we understand that the way we communicate with each other is changing. Therefore, our services are built with this in mind. We want you to connect, we want you to be able to reach out, even at 4am in the morning! This is why, all of our services operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Connecting is easy, seamless and our wonderful Operators are always ready to provide a kind and caring service for our customers.

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